Double Oven Cleaning Services

Whether your oven is electric or gas we can clean it.

With you double integrated oven our cleaning specialist will arrive and firstly will check to make sure the ovens work properly and also that the lights are working, they will offer to replace any blown bulbs at a small extra cost. They will then remove the doors, this allows them then to access the fan cover plate at the back which they will remove, they will then remove the shelves and racks and the grill pan and place in their dip tank which is 100% eco friendly and situated in the back of their van. They can now split the door if your model oven allows them to so that they can clean the glass and remove all the dust from inside the doors.

Our Cleaning Specialists will then proceed to clean the inside of your ovens with our special cleaning pastes and solutions that are strong enough to cut through all types of grease and carbon and is also smoke-free with no fumes so your house environment is not affected. They are also gentle enough so that your appliance is not damaged in any way. You are able to use the oven as soon as the Cleaning Specialist has finished.