Our Oven Cleaning and Appliance Cleaning Services

We pride ourselves on offering a first-class cleaning service using only 100% eco-friendly solutions so that not only are your family and pets safe, your appliances and work surfaces are also safe from any damage.

You will be amazed at how near showroom condition your oven looks after we have worked our magic. We clean the following appliances.

Cleaning your oven must be the most hated chore in the country, but our cleaning specialists are trained to such a high standard that from the moment you contact them to arrange an appointment you know you are in safe hands. The results speak for themselves, as we leave your appliance looking like near to showroom quality

With you double integrated oven our cleaning specialist will arrive and firstly will check to make sure the ovens work properly and also that the lights are working, they will offer to replace any blown bulbs at a small extra cost.

BBQs are a great way to entertain and feed a croud, but the food we tend to cook on them can leave baked on dirt and grease. We can get the BBQ back into shape so you are free to entertain on a clean grill.

Dishwashers are a perfect breading ground for bacteria. Grease and grime can clog up the pipes and filters stopping the dishwasher functioning correctly. We can get your dishwasher grime free, alowing the dishwasher to do its job.

It’s easy to shut the door on a microwave and forget about cleaning it until the next time it’s required. However the smells and grease can build up quickly. We can help you by getting into all the little corners and removing any odour, so you don’t have to.

Extractor-fans can quickly attract dirt, grease, fat and smoke. We can deal with it using our non-toxic, non-caustic and fume-free products. Leaving the only smells to be from your cooking. We can also change filters.

If your oven is not as clean as you would like, or if the burnt-on food starts to smoke. We can pop over and get it back to how it should be, so that you can concentrate on the food.

Range ovens are great for family cooking, which means they are often decorated with the family meal. We can help reset it, so you can feel proud of it once more.

An Aga is the center-piece of a kitchen. We can make yours stand-out for all the right reasons.

A grubby Hob can make the whole cooking area feel less then clean, we use our eco friendly products to bring it back to its best..